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General tips for a healthy looking tan:


Before: A well moisturized skin tans better; a dry skin repels UV rays. If possible, apply a good moisturizing cream a few hours before your tanning session.

After: Moisturize your skin after the tanning session with a cream adapted to your skin type. Your skin loses its moisture during the session.

Drink water before and after the session is also recommended. Exposure to UV rays causes a loss of hydratation and it’s important for your health to preserve it.

Avoid showering or bathing before and after tanning.

It’s obligatory to wear protective eye-wear. The UV rays go right through the skin. A closed eyelid doesn’t keep the rays from reaching your retina and damage it, the goggles do.

If you are on medication, check with your pharmacist to see if there’s contraindication to UV exposure.

Some food (ex: celery) and cosmetic products (ex: perfumed soaps) may make your skin more sensible to UVs.

It is recommended to wait at least 48 hours between every tanning session.




Exemple of products that increase sensitivity to Ultraviolet radiation.

Produits pouvant augmenter la sensibilité
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